Sleeping Faces

This past weekend we had family come & stay over.  It was great to hang with our compadres & their kiddies.  Typically, when we have guests stay the night, they’ll sleep in Lil’ Giant’s room. He has bunk-beds & he’ll jump in the bed with us.  But this time, he wanted to sleep in his sister’s room.  Fine by us.  And good thing his cousin had left his youth air mattress, last time he came for a visit.

Bed-time rolls around, my son jumps into his makeshift bed, I place Beans into her crib but she’s not having it.  I try to soothe her by reading a book, I try singing, my son even chimes in and NOTHING!  I realized that all she wanted was to lay next to her big brother.  And yup, I gave in.  A happy sleeping baby is way better than an screaming awake baby. I said it!  Anyhoo, I laid her down next to her big brother, she flashed me an adorable grin, curled into him & closed her eyes.  Melted my heart.

My Sleeping Angels a few hours later.


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