Pretty Little Woman

After hearing about the train-wreck episode from “Toddlers & Tiaras”, where one of the young contestants, strutted her stuff in Julia Robert’s hooker outfit from “Pretty Woman” on the Elvis Duran Radio Show this morning, I had to go hunt down a video on YouTube.

I admit, I’ve gotten sucked into an episode or two of T&T, when channel surfing.  I’ve even debated putting Beans into a Cinderella Pageant.  They don’t do make-up or those super flashy dresses.

But when I saw this, I was absolutely baffled. I kept thinking: Does she have on, what I think she has on?!  And what was that mother thinking?  I mean really!!  Couldn’t she have picked a better suited theme??  If she was adamant in using “Pretty Woman” as inspiration, how about recreating the beautiful red gown that Julia wears to go see the opera.  That would’ve been more appropriate.  Sure, the little girl is 3 years old and doesn’t know a thing about prostitutes, but you’re already “maturing” her by dolling her up with a ton of make-up, flippers, spray tan, etc.  So the least, her mother could’ve done is use better judgment and common sense.

If you haven’t seen a clip of it yet, check it out below.  What are your thoughts?


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