The Little Star that Could!

Yesterday evening, the boys and I went to the Planetarium.  Beans hung out with my in-laws.  Our local college offers free shows at it’s Planetarium, once a month in the Fall/Winter.  They have 2 shows, one for families & the other for adults.  Needless, to say we went to the family show.

This outing was the highlight of my week.  I asked my son daily, if he was looking forward to going. He admitted that he was. I was totally looking forward, in sharing something I enjoyed as a young girl with him.  While in elementary school, I would go to the planetairum often.  My school was associated with the Hudson River Museum, in Yonkers, NY, which contains a planetarium. As a result, we had constant visits.  I remember learning about all the different constellations, and how the stars and planets came into being, etc, etc.  So when, I found out about this event, I was elated to share with the Lil’ Giant.

The show was called “The Little Star that Could.”  It’s a story about an “average” new star, who is on a quest to find planets of his own to care for, and so that he could be named.  Along, his journey he comes across other stars and learns a bit about them.  He is constantly reminded how average he is, but he doesn’t let that hold him back from continuing on his voyage. Eventually, the little star meets his planets and learns that he is nothing close to being average, for he is the Sun.

Here’s a preview I found on YouTube, about the show:



We really enjoyed the show.  The Lil’ Giant had a ton of questions afterwards, which meant he was totally engaged.  And that’s always a plus.  There’s something about seeing your kids discover the world around them.  I look forward in taking Beans to the show, when she can sit still for more than 10 minutes.


2 thoughts on “The Little Star that Could!

  1. Thanks so much for sharing. i’m loving your page. We went once last year. I actually forgot about it. But I will look into it now. Thanks again

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