Reflections of 9/11

The day that will live in infamy, 9/11/01, forever changed life as we know it.  I remember that day so vividly, from what I had on, to where I was (in the middle of it all), to my thoughts.  I had just started working on Wall Street, three weeks earlier, as a legal assistant.  Early Tuesday mornings, I took a business law class in Midtown. Following class that morning, I headed to Grand Central Station as I typically would.  I went to catch the downtown train it was ridiculously packed.  I had no choice but to wait for the next one, unless I wanted to sardine it.  When I emerged from the train station at Wall Street and Trinity Place, there were people stopped everywhere, talking about how a small plane had hit the World Trade Center.  None imagined that we were under attack.  I remember looking up and just thinking to myself that the tower looked like a lit cigarette.  I couldn’t help but stare.  And a few seconds later, we all heard a boom, everything shook, including those large metal plates on the roadway.  It was the second plane hitting the other tower.  I screamed out of fear, out of shock and ran to the only logical place I could think of, the office.  The small TV in the office was already on, when I got in, everyone was watching the horrific events unfold.  It wasn’t until the first tower came down that we realized we needed to get out. The following hours kinda ran into each other, between trying to escape downtown, cross over the Manhattan Bridge, to eventually get Uptown.  And during it all, I just kept thinking that ALL those people got out, there just couldn’t be a ton of causalities.

Although, the images of 9/11 will forever be seared into our memories, it’s what happened afterwards to our City, to our Nation, to our People, that should truly leave a lasting memory.  We as Americans, stopped talking the talk and began walking the walk.  We reached out to each other, we took interest in our neighbors.  We redefined ourselves on 9/12.  We showed the world how resilient we are as a nation and as a people.  Sadly, some of that “good nature” feeling has vanished in these past 10 years, but, I hope on this anniversary we truly remember and find some renewed motivation to lend a helping hand.

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My husband and I intend on taking the kids down to the memorial.  Show them a piece of history.  We watched the dedications this morning with them.  What they’ve done so far, looks absolutely beautiful. Serene.


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