Mommy Orgullosa

Parenting is without a doubt the toughest, yet most rewarding role you will ever star in. There are so many times, that you can only see trees and not the whole forest. However, there are those moments that you are granted a quick glimpse of the kind of job you are doing as a parent. I was able to experience one of those moments, just a few hours ago.

It was Open House at the Lil’ Giant’s school this evening. My husband and I had the opportunity, to check out his latest artistic creations and speak with his teacher. Our meeting was brief and what you call typical. You know, her telling us what his day consists of, what they’re covering, us asking how he’s doing, etc. And then she said the words… “he has a tremendous word bank.” It was like I hit the lotto. All the time we’ve spent reading to him and now with him, is evident. Our little guy is sprouting like a weed and so is his vocabulary. How awesome is that? Pretty darn awesome indeed.

When you get down to the nitty gritty, parenting, is about those small moments. The ones that make your heart bubble over with pride. And so this evening, I was a mommy bien orgullosa de su hijo.




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