Kitchen Time

The start of a new season is but days away, and I’m feeling this urgency to PURGE and ORGANIZE.  Today, I’m gonna tackle my kitchen.

Funny, how you can just accumulate and accumulate stuff, thinking you may use it in the near future and it just sits.  That’s how I’m feeling about the excess that I see at every turn in my house.  It’s just sitting.  And not doing anything for us.  So, I’m just going to simplify.  This will for sure be a HUGE undertaking for myself and my household.  I know that by organizing, we will all be more efficient. Ok, ok, I maybe dreaming that my husband will never ever lose his keys, cell or wallet in the house. Or that the four of us can get out the house in under 2 minutes.  But it’s worth a shot.  So, I’m going to tackle each room in our home and rid us of all the extra baggage that we just don’t need, and streamline what’s left.

My first stop on this organization train is the kitchen.  It’s a smaller sized kitchen, almost galley type, with a bar/counter top, which is always cluttered. Our “pet” frogs even live on the counter.  The bar is the biggest problem area, which will require me to be a bit creative and regimented with the collection of papers, that seem to grow.  Wish me luck.




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