I created this blog, as a way to become a part of a community that I truly enjoy, to dabble in something new and to express my opinions and thoughts in written form.  But for the most part, I’ve been stumped on what to write.  I’ve had blog fright, if there’s even such a thing.  And yet, I have plenty to say and I’m always coming across things I want to share with others or stuff I want to try.  But, that’s just it. My brain is on sensory overload, because there’s just sooooo much going on in there.

So, last night, as I was watching Grey’s Anatomy and getting to know, my new favorite website, Pinterest, it dawned on me. Yes, always the multi-tasker.  Use this space, this blog, as a forum to challenge myself. Here’s the reasoning behind it. I’m bad at the follow through. I even dedicated a previous post, to this not so great trait of mine. So, my intention is to set a number of days, weeks or months to a specific task, that I want to complete.  Nothing new to the blogging world, but definitely a huge undertaking for me.

With that said, here’s my first and MOST important challenge:  De-Clutter My Home

Why is this the most important project, you may ask.  Simple, really and another theme in a few of my previous posts; My strong desire to want to try this, that and the other, or as my husband calls it… my attempt to conquer the world. This desire even prompted me to dedicate, a page here, called The List.  However, I have yet to cross out as many of those goals or even those on my D-I-Y Project list, that I would’ve liked to.  Another, quick fact about me. I expect a lot of myself, because I’m a bit of an idealist.  This idealism paired up with my lack of follow through equals clutter.  And as, I’ve spent plenty of time  reading some of my favorite blogs iHeart Organizing and I’m an Organizing Junkie, I realize that there is no way, that I’m going to be able to do it ALL without taking the time to tidy up my surroundings.

I recently read in Woman’s Day, that clutter creates chaos in your brain, and when you get rid of the clutter you tend to function better.  And I’m all for personal improvement.  It also went on to saying that you should take 12 weeks and at least 2 hours a day to purge and organize.  I’m choosing to go with 10 weeks, which would bring us to the 1st week of December.  Just in time for the month long celebrations in our household, with my daughter’s 2nd Birthday & Party, my 30-something birthday, Noche Buena, Christmas and leading up to the New Year.  A New Year with a ton of new possibilities to cross off / accomplish those goals.

Here’s my timeline. And please ignore that huge stamp on my timeline. I went searching online for a free document converter and came across the one I used below, but since it’s the free version, they tack on this huge stamp.  If you know of a free document converter, please let me know.

I’m totally amped up and ready to tackle mi casita. So come back often to see the progress and read my ramblings.




One thought on “Direction

  1. Saw your status on facebook, noticed you’re on Twitter, which led me here. Ah. Love that you have a blog. Fabulosity indeed! I’m with you on the de-cluttering. I’ve managed to do it several times. It’s how to KEEP it all de-cluttered that I’m working on!

Thank you for your comment. I read and appreciate each one!

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