Just flying away…

Time that is. Time is just flying away.  Here it is October 5th & I haven’t posted a thing.  Plenty has happened in the last two weeks. Between re-organizing my kitchen, to pushing my adorable products from my online tutu boutique, to becoming addicted to Pinterest. Oh. My. Stars. Have, I ever become addicted to Pinterest.  I can’t get enough of the site.  It makes my creative juices flow & my heart swoon.  But I digress.  Time is surely flying and well I haven’t had the moment to catch it.

I’ve been steadily working on my home organization project, more specifically, the kitchen.  I’m pretty darn proud on how it’s come along.  Check out some photos below….

I don’t have a typical pantry, instead I use a large cupboard and a built in lazy susan. They both tend to get a bit disorderly, as you can tell from my before picture.  I decided to use baskets to section off and corral like items.  I got rid of a ton of boxes and freed up a great amount of space.  And during my last trip to IKEA, I picked up some of those clear storage container, which I’m totally loving.  Now to make up some fancy smancy labels & go label happy on everything.  So, what do you think?  Big difference, huh?



The progress I made in that cupboard alone, motivated me to reconfigure the rest of the kitchen.  As I mentioned, the lazy susan was for food items, specifically, cans.  I decided to swap them into the cabinet, where I keep the pots and pans.


Awful Before




Doesn’t it look great? I just don’t know why I hadn’t thought about this sooner.  The lazy susan is right next to the stove, so its much more convenient to grab my pots when I’m ready to cook.  Much more efficient.
I went onto tackling the most challenging area of my kitchen… The counter/bar.  I’m sure you can all agree, that the kitchen is the hub in your home, hence, why it’s so typical to find papers, cell phones and other miscellaneous nonsense in there.   Our counter top just seems to be a magnet for everything.  I myself, tend to drop things there with every intention of putting it away later, and then later becomes sometime much later.  Here’s our super cluttered counter top…


Another before

Talk about a disaster right? This is what we would encounter as we walked in the door. Definitely, not welcoming.  And now, here’s what it looks like.  I intend to make it my business to keep it this way. Ready, ready, ready??  I was giddy when I took the photos. (hehe)

Happily After



And there you have it.  The first room on my list. I am so pleased with how it’s all turned out.  I still have some finishing touches, but all in all, it’s a great beginning.  I’m totally psyched to tackle the rest of my house now.

Thank you for your comment. I read and appreciate each one!

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