Long time no see…

Another week has passed and I’ve neglected you, my lil’ blog.  Can you forgive me?  Life has certainly been hectic around here, with school, sports, fall activities, etc, it’s been a little nutso.

However, I’m making a ton of progress organizing my casita.  Plenty has been dumped and more has been donated.  I actually stepped away from my pre-planned organizing schedule, because my closet seemed to be busting at the seams. You know you’re typical female closet, where you have clothes in there from before you had kids and were a size 0 (in my case a size 4) & have every intention of getting back into that size, but never do.  I did a little growing up in those 2 hours of terror in my closet.  I realized that my new size, a size 6, who am I kidding I’ve been this size for the last 6 years, is MY size.  So I finally parted with beloved pants and skirts that had been taking space in my closet, for that one future day that I was at my pre-baby weight.  I also parted with some not so flattering pieces, that I thought were for me, but really weren’t.

Just last Friday, I went to an Image Consulting Party at my college roommate’s home, who I hadn’t seen in over 13 years.  We’ve kept in contact through Facebook, we’ve “seen” each other have kiddies, 2 for me, 3 for her and we’ve seen the progress of our careers, and yet it’s been 13 years since we’ve physically seen each other.  It was just so great to reconnect with her & get a chance to chit chat.  But, I digress.  So at the party the fabulous Tarsha Gibbons, explained how our skin tones are categorized according to the seasons:  summer, winter, fall and spring.  She used my college roommate as her model, by showing how certain colors made her face glow, while others made her look sallow.  She went on to talking about the proper silhouettes for our bodies, and she even touched on those fashion faux-pas, such as VPL (visible panty line), chipped nail polish, dirty finger nails, pajama pants in public, so on & so forth.  She armed us with a plethora of information, which will definitely make clothes shopping all that more fun.  I think this year for my birthday I’m going to treat myself to a full service image consult with Tarsha.  I love clothes & am fully aware that how you present yourself to the world, is how you’ll be treated and why not make an investment on myself.





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