Burlap Wreath

As I previously mentioned, I visited with my college roommate just last week.  I hadn’t seen her in what seemed like an eternity.  She invited us girls over for an Image Party, a little bit of What Not to Wear without the embarrassing moments in front of that 360 degree mirror, with 20+ million television viewers gawking.  I decided that I would bring her a hostess gift. And since I’ve become a Pinterest addict, I knew that I wanted to make her something.

During the many hours of my perusing Pinterest, I’ve become so fond of wreaths and figured that was the route to go. I’ve even created a board all about this new obsession of mine. With Fall in the air, I wanted to make something she could put on her door now.  I picked up some burlap, white lace and one of those styrofoam wreaths & got to creating.

I started by painting the wreath black, in case I didn’t get good coverage with the burlap.  I cut 2 strips of burlap and began looping it through the wreath.  I went on to making rosettes out of the lace, burlap and a combination of both material.  I found a great tutorial on these sweet flowers here.

Here’s my wreath wrapped and the rosettes pinned.  I added some pearls, along with ivory netting.

Here’s the end result.  Sorry for the glare… I’m such the amateur photographer.  I’m very pleased with how it came out & was elated when my college roommate liked it too.  I can’t wait to make one many for my front door or gifts.  I’ll have to wait a bit, because right now my door is looking quite monstrous in preparation for Halloweenie.




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