Girl Time

Since leaving the Big City, life has certainly changed, and one of the biggest changes has been, not having my best-friend/comai/sister-from-another-mother just five minutes away.  I would literally hop in my car and be at her house in minutes.  Impromptu weekly mani/pedis were just one of the many ways we would spend time together.  Now, we have to peruse through our busy calendars and pinpoint one weekend a month for her to come visit.  Sure we chat on the phone, text, email, Facebook, but it’s just not the same, as having her close by.

Last weekend was our weekend and boy did I cherish our girl time, our kiddos even had their QT.  We hadn’t seen each other since the end of July, so we had lots of catching up to do.  We took our usual late night run to Walmart, oddly enough this has become our tradition, we rented some chick flicks, talked about our ever changing lives, got crafty with the kids, and just enjoyed each others company.  There’s nothing like talking to someone who totally gets you and doesn’t judge you one bit, and that’s what we have.  I know that when I talk to her and confide in her with my deepest darkest secrets or fears, she will listen and support me in any way that she can.  Vice versa. It’s awful that we don’t get to spend as much, as we once did.  However, I am thankful that we aren’t far enough, that we can’t do our once a month girl pow wow.  To winning the lottery and building a compound, so that we again live minutes apart.

Best-Friends / Sisters / Comais




One thought on “Girl Time

  1. I was having a not so good day yesterday with stressing @ work, stressing over my presentation that I had to give in class & the fact that Mamasota was once again in the hospital awaiting to get admitted…so much so that I was on the Express Bus home crying bc it was just so overwhelming & then I read this…somehow you ALWAYS know how & what I’m feeling. It was moments like yesterday that I still WISHED that you were only 5 minutes away because then everything would have seemed so much easier. I KNOW you would of come right over & we would have gotten lost in one of our adventures and even if just for a little while everything would have been that much better. Although distance has separated us the bond that we share will never dindle, in fact I believe that it will only continue to grow STRONGER! I have no shame in saying that I LOVE YOU as the sister that I never had so as you put it “To winning the lottery and building a compound, so that we again live minutes apart”…hey all it takes is “a dollar & a dream” right?!

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