Harvest Festival Banner

Since crafting a burlap wreath for my college roommate, I began to wonder what else could I create out of this surprisingly fabulous “fabric.”  I searched Pinterest for some inspiration & pinned a ton.  I debated between a table runner and decorative pillows for the living-room.  Funny thing is that neither idea won out.  Instead, I whipped up a banner for the Harvest Festival, that I’ve been planning for Lil Giant’s school.  Forgive my not-so-great photos.

Using left over burlap that I had, I stenciled triangles & cut them out to use as the pennants for the banner.

I then decided to use some fabric leaves, which I picked up at the dollar store, to separate the pennants.  I cut up two plastic straws & hot glued a piece of the straw behind each leaf, so to run it through the twine, that would hold the banner together.

Here we have the banner, after I looped the leaves through the twine and hot glued the pennants to the twine itself.  (Note to self, take better progress photos.) I added clothesline pins to the top of the pennants for an added flair.

This is what it looked like after I stenciled the letters with a red sharpie.  Again, big fail in the progress photos.

Here’s the finished product on my dining room floor.  This project cost me about $5 to create.  I had previously purchased the burlap at my local fabric store for $2.  The twine, leaves and clothesline pins came from the dollar store. Not too shabby for a $5 project.  Don’t you think?

And here’s the banner on the day of the festival.  It was a nice addition to our decorations, and can be used in years to come.



Update: I’ve decided to go for it & participate in my first Linky Party.  Here’s to linking!  After checking out some of the other creations & blogs, I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed that, I can live up to some of the others. Yikes!

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