Halloween Fun

I absolutely adore Halloween.  Hands down, it’s my favorite holiday.  It’s that one holiday where you don’t have to think about gifts, cooking big meals, picking up relatives from the airport, etc.  And rather it’s all about the kids, the costumes, fun and who can forget the CANDY!!  I have many fond memories of Halloween, from when I was a girl; especially ones filled with homemade costumes made by my mom and abuela. I can’t help but hope that my kidlets will have similar experiences and memories.  In keeping with that, this year my husband and I made our their costumes.

Lil’ Giant quickly decided he wanted to be his favorite cartoon character, Sponge Bob.  How easy and perfect I thought.  I knew I would need a large cardboard box to be the base of the costume itself.  Luckily, I made mention of it to my coworker, because she was able to get me a few large boxes from her husband’s warehouse.  Then off to the dollar store where I went searching for bubble wrap, felt and paint. While at Dollar General I stumbled upon yellow spray paint for around $2.  Supplies in hand it was time to create.

And because I am horrible at progression photos, here are a few of the final product.











Then came Gordita.  And because she is this zainy character and couldn’t appease her momma, she wanted nothing to do with a tutu.  I had all these fabulous ideas, I mean after all, I do own a tutu boutique, but that would be just too easy.  Boy am I in for it with her. So here it is Sunday and I still don’t know what to make her for Halloween on Monday.  I just have to laugh at myself.  Anyhoo, Pinterest to the rescue.  I typed in DIY Halloween Costumes and BAM, I was given an array of choices.  Scrolling, scrolling and there it was an adorable owl costume and a tutorial link to the equally super cute blog, Pure Joy Events.  YAY, I knew what to make her.  I found a purple hooded sweatshirt in her closet and ran to Walmart to pick up a few supplies.

Here’s the Bean as Miss Owl.  Definitely not the most flattering pic of her, but a squirmy 22 month old is not your ideal photo subject.


And lastly here’s my Duo…


Lil’ Giant’s costume took about two weeks to create and my husband did an AMAZING job.  While Gordita’s was whipped up in just a few hours and can certainly hold it’s own.  I did a rough calculation of how much we spent to make these wonderful costumes and I calculated we spent just under $40 for both.  Gotta love it, both frugal and creative.

So, did you get creative this year for your kidlet’s costumes?  Share your stories.



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3 thoughts on “Halloween Fun

  1. My loverlies were a macabre Alice in Wonderland with Dia de Los Muertos face paint and a not-too-devilish-at-all devil. Jay was some sort of faceless Reaper. I was a “modern” witch (I wore a black pants suit and a big witches hat lol)

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