Titi’s Princess

Luck would have it, that because I create custom tutus and own a small online boutique, my daughter would want nothing to do with my creations.  I joke about it constantly and just hope that soon enough my stubborn toddler will give in.  So, when my cousin asked me to create her daughter a tutu dress for her birthday party, I was giddy with excitement.  Finally, a cutie pie that I hold near and dear would be willing to appease me.

The party’s theme would be Disney’s Princess and the Frog and my niece would be Princess Tiana.  What fun!  I sketched the dress loosely around Princess Tiana’s beautiful green gown.   And thought I would keep as true the gown as possible and use mint green and ivory tulle.  As I finished constructing it, I realized there was no pop to it, it looked a bit too monotone.; so I added a bit of lilac tulle along with lilac ribbon.  When it was all said and done, I used just around 125 yards of tulle and there it was my version of Princess Tiana’s gown.

And without further ado, here’s Titi’s Princess looking absolutely adorable.  My cousin was elated with the dress.  Although, my niece took some time to warming up to all the tulle, but soon enough she was twirling and loving all the attention.  WHOOO HOOO, I’ve won over one toddler with my tutus.  Here’s to hoping I can do the same with my Gordita.

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