Operation: Jazz it Up!

Awoken by a spunky toddler at the un-Godly hour of 6:33am on a Sunday, I figured it was a sign to get working on beautifying my blog.  Gordita and I made our way downstairs to plop ourselves on the couch, her with a warm bottle of milk and I with a mug of yummy hazelnut coffee and my laptop.  I flicked on the tube to her favorite show, Dora the Explorer and got to working.

Week before last I linked up to my very first link party & came across this fabulous blog… Living, Laughing & Loving.  Renee has been running a blog series all about jazzing up your blog named, Beautify your Blog, DIY style Series!  I was elated to find her, because one: I’m all about DIY, two: I love pretty things, three: I’ve been wanting to make my blog stand out & have more of me in it.  So I read and printed all parts of her series and placed it on my weekend to-do list.  Caffeinated and ready to pretty up my internet home, I began with downloading some fancy schmancy fonts and next up was creating a show stopping header.  I was pumped and ready to go.  Until, the first roadblock… WordPress & Blogger’s back ends are way different.  So after doing my thing on Picnik and dabbling with Pixlr, I was ready to upload.  All smiley and happy, but then my smile turned upside down (yes, I know… what a cornball).  My image was too big, WAY too big! UUGGHHH!!  I worked on tweaking it and by now it was breakfast time.  My stomach was grumbling and Gordita just about had it with Dora.

Following breakfast, I attempted to upload again only to find that my header was still too big.  And by cropping the image it just didn’t look the same.  I was losing momentum and some confidence on my DIY skills, oh wait excuse me, lack there of.  I decided to start from scratch and try to upload a premade template I liked from The Cutest Blog on the Block.  Except, I didn’t understand some of the jibberish instructions.  Another UUGGHHH!  My fear was coming true, CSS was going to get forced upon me and I would have to learn it in order to get the look I wanted. SIGH!  But that just couldn’t be the case.  I couldn’t accept that.  But at this point, I had to pack it in, because I had to get my day going.   I was able to add a semi-cute background to my header & create a custom signature, but by far its nothing like what I want.  Right now, Operation: Jazz it Up = a big FAIL on my part at this point.

So, my WordPress friends please share your tricks of trade for spifying up your blog.  I will forever be grateful.


Thank you for your comment. I read and appreciate each one!

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