For the Love of Wreath

Have I mentioned lately, how much I absolutely ADORE Pinterest?!?!  Well if I haven’t let me say it yet again, how head over heels I am about you Pinterest.  I can get lost for hours browsing and getting inspired.  As of late, I’ve been pinning a ton of wreaths and I’ve taken a liking to some felt ones, like this one and this one.

Since, I had thrown out most of our Fall outdoor decorations, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to try my hand on one of those cool looking  felt wreaths.  I took a quick run to the Salvation Army & scored a wreath for $.89, along with some other goodies that I have plans for. {Insert evil laugh here.}  I picked up orange, red, yellow, tan & brown felt at AC Moore for just under $5.00.  I was already liking this project, because it was sure to cost me, next to nothing.

I rounded up my supplies, which originally included:   I would add a few more into the project.

  • glue gun
  • glue sticks
  • scissors

I first began by cutting strips out of the felt.

Once cut, I began rolling the felt.  But wasn’t totally satisfied in how they were looking.  And because, I’m still gettin’ a hang of these progression photos, I didn’t get a pic of those rolled flowers. DUH!  Anyhoo, I did a little Google search and came across these felt flowers, which were too cute and so, I changed up my strategy.  Ohhh, Google how I love how you have all the answers. Ok, maybe most.

So here we have it. I found an old CD and a plastic top from my daughter’s snacks and began stenciling and cutting.

Check out what looks like a felt sandwich.  Yum!

Once all my circles were cut, I began cutting them into spirals.  I did two at a time, in an attempt to save time.

Next step was to roll them.  I added a tad bit of glue in the beginning of my rose to hold them and just continued on.  I even double rolled some of them to add girth, like this one below.

I will say this, this is a bit of a tedious project.  I watched Burlesque and a re-run of “Criminal Minds” and managed to get these…

Once the rosettes were completed, I began placing them on the wreath, using plenty of glue to secure them and carefully trying to alternate the colors.  And here we have the completed wreath.


So for under $6, I crafted an original wreath for my door, which I’m certain to use again.  Funny, how when I pull into my driveway I smile when I see my loving made wreath.


What project have you recently completed that makes you all warm and fuzzy inside?

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5 thoughts on “For the Love of Wreath

  1. I can’t believe u made roses out of felt. I love pinterest too. I think I’m following u. Very cool wreath. I’m planning on making one. I’ll post a pic if I do.

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