Brotherly Love

How did everyone’s Thanksgiving and long weekend fare?  Ours was a bit low key, but nice just the same.  We headed back to the Big City to visit with family on Turkey Day.  There was a ton of good food, crazy company and not one good family photo.  Ravyn had no interest in the camera. Every-time I pointed it at her, she would wail.  I’m convinced that it’s my lot in life, to have children who avoid the camera at all cost.  SIGH!!  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that she’ll warm up to camera by the time her birthday rolls around in a few weeks.

The highlight of my weekend, was my brother Alex’s visit.  Alex and I come from what you call a dysfunctional family, but then again who doesn’t.  We’re technically half siblings, and yet we act and think so much alike, that you would swear we have both parents in common and that we grew up together.  And neither is the case.  Us Latinos have a saying “La Sangre Llama,” which translates to The Blood Beckons.  In other words, no matter the individual differences within a family and its members, your ties; your blood beckons thus creating an unbreakable bond.  I certainly feel that when it comes to my little brother.  He’s a great guy and an awesome uncle. I’m blessed to have him in my life.

Alex is super handy with tools and the computer.  So besides catching up on our lives, he came to my rescue with a D-I-Y project that I’ve been anxious to start.  A play kitchen for Gordita.  Alex brought all of his tools and between him and the husband, they worked magic to set the ground work for the kitchen.  I can’t wait till its complete to share it with you all.  The goal is to finish it up by her birthday party.  It’s gonna be adorable!

He also worked some magic on my laptop and uploaded both Photoshop (now to get the kids to cooperate in front of the camera) and Rosetta Stone Italian.  I was like a little girl in a candy shop this morning, practicing Italian.  With some time and practice, I’ll be able to cross off another item off of The List.

See what I mean, what a great guy he is.  I’m the older sister, the one that should be taking care of the little brother.  And yet, this weekend he totally did the taking care of.  Thanks lil bro!

What sweet thing has your sibling done for you?


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