A New Favorite

Looks like I found a new song to play over and over again.  HeHe.  Right now, I’m loving Bruno Mars’, It Will Rain.  I’m loving him too for that matter.  To keep my sanity at work, I MUST listen to music.  So, I switch up between two of my favorite iPhone apps:  iHeartRadio & Pandora.  For the last week, I’ve been tuned into the Bruno Mars’ channel on Pandora.  LOVE IT!!  Check out my new music crush in his video for It Will Rain.


Btw- HAPPY FRIDAY Mi Gente!!  The witching hour is almost upon us.  I will be bolting out the door to prep for Gordita’s Birthday Soiree tomorrow.  Have a SPECTACULAR weekend!



2 thoughts on “A New Favorite

  1. so, I’m gonna rant.. hear it goes. Love philosophy, although much of what I read is forgotten moments after I stop reading unless Its something I can immediately associate with or relate to. Which leads me to the first thing that came to mind after reading what you wrote regarding music; my man Friedrich Nietzsche. Brother is a German philosopher, composer and poet who’s contributed amazing texts on morality, contemporary culture and religion says, “Without music, life would be a mistake”. I whole heatedly agree. Play your music, and play it LOUD! ha.

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