Chocolate Baby

As a mom of two, you would think that by now I should know that if it’s a little too quiet around my otherwise noisy home, something must be off.  Well!  My mother’s intuition or whatever you want to call it failed me earlier.  I was so wrapped up in loading the dishwasher & cleaning the kitchen, that I failed to realize the silence.  I think I was daydreaming with these oh-so-cute boots I saw online earlier today.

Following the boot drool session I found an interesting site in my livingroom.  My sweet baby girl thought she wasn’t sweet enough & figured she would swipe the chocolate mix container & get to snackin’.

Never mind a Milk Mustache, here we have a Chocolate Goatee.

Soooo tasty, you see..

Here’s my cutie pie in all her glory.

Shame on me for leaving the chocolate mix within her reach.  Talk about keeping you on your toes.  That’s exactly what my Gordita does.  I may even have to change her nickname from Gordita to Traviesa.  Translation…Mischievous.

Traviesa’s stint made me think of this video I had seen.  Now could you imagine??  I couldn’t!  I don’t even want to!

What have your kiddos gotten themselves into, leaving your speechless?


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