Candy Cane Wreath {Try that Tuesday}

FIVE days and counting!!  And I’m pleased to report that my To-Do list is dwindling.  YAY!!

Looks like another Try that Tuesday is upon us.  This week’s Pinspiration is a fun Christmas Card Wreath made with clothespins shared by Jess at Craftiness is Not Optional.  I love the cuteness factor, along with the simplicity of the project.

I went a different route with my “wreath” and made a Candy Cane instead.


Wanna know how I made mine?  Check it out….


Supplies used:

– Clothespins (I used 38 – packet comes with 36 from Dollar Tree)

– Wire Hanger

– Ribbon

– Red & White wood paint

– Pliers

– Plastic Hook

– Box (as recommended by Jess, I used a diaper box)

The hubby even pitched in with this project, by forming the wire hanger into a candy cane for me.  It’s always good to keep a strong handsome man around. =)

Here, I used that handy diaper box to clip on the clothespins and paint them.  I applied two coats of paint and made sure to get into all the nooks & crannies.  Once the paint was dry, I placed the clothespins onto the wire hanger and added the ribbon.

I found the perfect spot for my Candy Cane “Wreath” right in the kitchen.

I like how it compliments the candy cane platter I have on display.

And there you have it, how I made my clothespin Candy Cane.  Are you still crafting your little heart out?  This may very well be my last craft project until after the Holidays.

Linking up to: The Gunny Sack, Today’s Creative Blog

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