Birthday’s Past

The shortest day of the year also happens to be one of the most FABulous days of the year, in my book at least.  It happens to be my birthday.

Birthdays are always very emotional for me.  I tend to do a lot of reflection, too much self deprecation and work on setting goals for the next year.  My special day has been very low key, as it has been for the last two years.  My kiddos and husband sang me Happy Birthday, presented me with a few gift cards and sweetly inscribed birthday cards & sprinkled in some family time.

While taking a few minutes to relax & I took a trip down memory lane, and found some laughable pictures of Birthdays past.  So, I figure I’d share my findings.  I mean afterall, what’s a little more self deprecation, right??

Well, here we go…

Here I am with my Abuela, Titi, Tio, Cousin Ivan, Cousin Crystal and my very pretty Mami.  I turned ONE this year.

Another milestone Birthday.  My 16th.  At home with my smokin’ Mami.  We both look so young.

I think this was my 20th Birthday.  I celebrated with some of my sorority sisters at Fridays.

My 21st Birthday. We had a great night!

Look at those blue contacts – it was a 90’s thing.

Having my FIRST legal drink at 21!

The hubby and I on my 30th.  He surprised me with dinner and dancing with our close friends.

Posing with the girls on my 30th.

Too bad I didn’t come across birthday photos from my early teen / tween years.  Now those really would’ve been laughable.  You know with the multiple colors of the 80’s and 90’s & those crazy hair styles.  I will say, that I do hope to take many more Birthday photos and ultimately, share my special day with the ones I adore.  My kids and hubby.

Time to turn in and get ready to face the beginning of my 33rd year, tomorrow.


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