Our Top 10 of 2011

It’s that time of year, where everyone is publishing a list of sorts to sum up 2011.  Blogland is no different.  Many of the grown-up blogs are featuring their top viewed posts or their top referrals. Well being that Life with My Pollitos is still a baby blog and just starting to get followers and such. I’m gonna stick to the sidelines with those kinds of lists.  And instead, I’d like to sum up the TOP 10 Adventures and Accomplishments of My Family.

Btw… to my followers THANKS for dropping by and reading my ramblings.  I greatly appreciate your support and interest.

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10.  I appeared in one of my favorite magazines,  ALL YOU.  I stumbled upon this magazine during one of my many visits to Walmart & have been hooked ever since. Between the recipes, coupons, money saving tips and fashion ideas, ALL YOU always keeps my attention. I got the opportunity in the Spring to head into my beloved Big City and model some fabulous looking clothes for a Special Shopping Edition of ALL YOU, released in September.

9.  Gordita hosted her very FIRST play date.  A Tea Party.  It was all very girlie with tutus, cupcakes and happy little girls.

8.  Lil’ Giant played on his first Little League team.  Luck would have it that, he was placed on the Red Sox’s team. Which if anyone who know’s my husband, knows this was soooooo painful for him being that he is the BIGGEST Yankee Fan out there.  He practically bleeds BLUE.

7.  Our second Family Road Trip. We headed to Lake George, NY with our good friends, Family, The Meza’s.

6.  I ran & completed my First Half Marathon… Run for the Red.  I trained with a great group of folks, that motivated and inspired me.

5.  Rob and I experienced a well deserved and needed vacation with our buddies, The Meza’s. We went cruising on the Royal Caribbean, Oasis of the Seas. It was our first time on a cruise ship.  And this ship was Absolutely Ahhh-MAZING!!  There was so much to do, so much shopping, so much good food. It was just soooooo gooooood!!

4.  Ravyn began Walking and Dancing too!

3.  Ryan completed Kindergarten with flying colors.

2.  We took our First Family Road Trip.  We visited Pittsburgh. We took the Pollitos to the Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium, took a tour of PNC Stadium, went to the Children’s Museum, visited 2 restaurants featured on Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives, visited a Water park.  It was a  fantastic trip. We hope to visit again.

1.  Rob and I celebrated our ONE year Wedding Anniversary.  Although, we’ve been together for what seems like for-EVAH (11 years), we  took the big step towards marriage on October 19, 2010. Since becoming husband and wife, we’ve learned that a lot does change and that you have to work at it consistently to survive in one piece together.

I have to add an Honorable Mention to my TOP TEN….

The creation of this blog, Life with My Pollitos.


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