So Over It

This past week was a total bust for my blogging. I was revving to go with a plan and a bunch of ideas for new posts. And then it happened.  I took a few minutes (ok, maybe more like an hour) Tuesday morning to go on Pinterest. And bam. As I’m pinning away and checking out the sources. I got blog envy.

What is blog envy you may ask? It’s when you (meaning me) see all these ÜBER cute blogs and want yours to be just as cute or CUTER. Dumb, I know! I even despise admitting to it. But I had some serious blog envy last week that paralyzed my desire to make my opinions known and share any posts. I couldn’t get over the visual aspect of my blog. It went so far that began doubting my blog’s name, doubting my purpose, just doubting it all. Instead of doing something about it, I froze.

My mind kept going back to a conversation about branding, I had with a friend. And to all the articles I read about picking the one thing that you’re passionate about and writing about it. It was just so overwhelming to me. Because at the end of the day, I’m not just passionate about one thing, I have many interests but am a very PASSIONATE individual. So therefore, I just can’t write about one thing. And branding goes right along with this. How do you brand something that is forever evolving? For that matter, how do you design a über cute blog, when you can’t choose what look you’re going for. It was just a vicious weird cycle, I tell ya.

But just as quick as the envy / doubting came on, is as quick as it went away (ok, sorta). I will say this, Life with My Pollitos is here to stay, here to evolve into something way cool. Life with My Pollitos is the perfect title for my blog, because they are my reason, My Pollitos; they are why I am passionate; they are why I constantly challenge myself to become better. As for the visual aspect, the cuteness factor, the grounds for this weird downward spiral, I’m So. Over. It.


3 thoughts on “So Over It

  1. Hooray Sister! Thank god someone else has blog envy! I just read a freshly pressed post where the woman wrote something like “I started my blog last week, and can’t believe how many hits I’m getting” (and of course, she’s freshly pressed.) But of course, what it, and your post remind me – is that, while yes, I like it that people read my blog – but I’m doing this for me, and for fun. I like to read blogs. I like to be read. It’s all good.

  2. Just stumbled upon your blog today and wanted to say that you are not alone. I think everyone has been a victim of the evil self doubt at one point or another. I think the key is not to compare and just be the best you can be for you:)

  3. I’m loving your blog so don’t change anything about it. I have been thinking about starting a blog and I have to admit that you have inspired it. I especially love your DIY projects. That kitchen is incredible. I might just have to try a little something.

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