Valentine Exchange

With Valentine’s Day just a few short weeks away, I’ve been looking for some inspiration for the Lil Giant’s Valentine Exchange at school and where better to look but  on Pinterest. I came across a ton of cutesie ideas.

Here are 10 fun and creative kiddie Valentine’s.

1. I love the play on words on these adorable friendship bracelets that Dandee and her daughter, Abby made. You can get a copy of the printable here.

2. Here’s a fun and quick Valentine shared by Megan and her kiddos.

3. Now how clever are these Valentine Butterflies inspired by a stick of gum?

4. These little candy pails are just too sweet and original. A definite favorite of mine. I just have a feeling that the Lil’ Giant is going to think this is too girlie. So I’ll have to wait until Gordita is in school to make. Pfft!

5. Here’s another photo inspired Valentine to use with Hershey Kisses.

6. You can’t go wrong with this useful and cute pencil.

7. Dandee from Dandee Design is up to it again with this clever magnifying glass. She’s even offering a free printable here.

8. I’m thinking this bouncy ball is right up the Lil Giant’s alley.

9. Alligators aren’t normally known to be friendly, but this little guy is super sociable.

10. Another great play on words for these glow-sticks, which I’m sure will be a a big hit. Here’s the printable to go with it.

Now to round them down and see which one the Lil Giant would like to recreate. Have a Sweet Sunday my friends!


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