Easter Egg Wreath {Try that Tuesday}

By now you, I’m figuring that you’ve realized my obsession with wreaths. I go pin crazy, when I have a moment to steal on Pinterest. I’ve even dedicated a board to this infatuation of mine. And have re-created a few of my pins, here, here, here and here. My latest creation is inspired by this super cute Easter Egg Wreath.

Ain’t it adorable?! I especially loved how easy it looked to put together.

I popped into the Dollar Tree yesterday, grabbed 3 bags of plastic eggs, 2 bags of glitter-y plastic eggs and a bag of basket grass.  I was a bit bummed that they didn’t have the shiny grass, since it would’ve given it an additional pizzazz. Boooo!!  I already had the straw wreath, which I got off of Freecycle awhile back. So this little project cost me $6. A price tag right up my alley.

After putting the pollitos to bed & while watching The Voice, I began hot gluing the plastic eggs onto the straw wreath alternating colors. Once satisfied with the look, I added the grass by using a pen to get it into the little crevices, as suggested by Lindsey at Mom and Wife.

And TA-DA! Here’s my SUPER cute Egg-y wreath on my front door.  I’m thinking that door needs a bit of a scrubbing. Hmmm!


2 thoughts on “Easter Egg Wreath {Try that Tuesday}

  1. This is awesome! I am going to have to give it a go. I bought one of the wreaths at a thrift store last week, and have been holding onto it for the right craft. Score! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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