Picnic Dinner

The temps here in the Northeast were unseasonably warm last week. I welcomed the warmth with open arms, open windows, open toe shoes & outside play with the Pollitos. It was FAB-ulous!!

On Thursday we ditched the dining room table & hit the park, for what my husband called a ghetto picnic. See I also ditched the kitchen and stopped at KFC, grabbed a bucket of chicken, mac & cheese and potato wedges for our picnic. Fried chicken is synonymous with picnics, and so it suited us just fine.

The Pollitos enjoyed the meal.

And reveled in the play-time.

The big kids in us, also relished in some outdoor fun. Totally hassle free, no dinner rush. Just memory making & good night sleeps for the lil ones. Who am I kidding, I had good sleep too.

Speaking of memory making. Today is my honey’s BIRTHDAY! He despises any hoop-la around his special day. But I’m gonna hoop-la all I want. I can’t help wanting to celebrate today. I mean, he’s my hubby, my partner, my best-friend, the love of my life. So babe, I want to wish you the HAPPIEST of Birthdays. I love you to the sky and back. And I hope to make many many many many more memories with you.


Thank you for your comment. I read and appreciate each one!

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