Mental Vacation

My brain has been abuzz since last Thursday. Just going at warp speed. We found out some exciting news on Thursday, which I’ll be sharing in a future post. Then there was the record breaking Mega Millions drawing on Friday. I caught myself in daydream after daydream. Thinking about all the FAB-ulous things I would do with that loot; how many people’s lives I would effect, the places I would go. I was giddy with excitement.

But as we all know, you have a greater probability of getting struck by lighting, then hitting the lottery. So, Saturday morning this was more or less my tune.

Good thing, we were heading into The City for dinner, to celebrate the hubby’s birthday. That was enough to zap me out of the Awww-man-I’m-not-an-instant-millionaire-and-have-to-continuing-working funk. Well, that was until I went to get my hair trimmed & the stylist went for more of a bush whack approach. Needless to say, I was not a happy camper. Tears were shed and swearing ensued. Knowing that my hair would grow helped me come to terms with my resemblance to a little boy. But I digress.

Dinner was a family affair, the Pollitos, our Compadres and their kiddos, were all in attendance. When I tell you we got our fill at Sea Shore Restaurant, that would be an understatement. The serving sizes were monstrous. And the food was scrumptious.

Here’s the two person Paella, I shared with my compadre, Allen. It was absolutely heavenly! And in no way shape or form, was that a two person serving. I had leftovers for Sunday’s lunch and Monday’s lunch, plus Allen took his own container home. My mouth is salivating just thinking about it all. YUM!

Here’s my favorite photo from the evening. The Hubs with the Pollitos with Allen and his little guy.

So between the Mega Millions daydreams and enjoying an authentic Spanish dish, my thoughts have been teeming with images and memories of my MAH-VA-LOUS trip to España. I visited in 2004 through a student exchange program and spent 8 wonderful weeks, in that beautiful country. Six of those weeks, I was based in Segovia with my host family. During that time I had the good luck to visit, Madrid, Toledo, Seville, Barcelona, Figueres and Gran Canaria. I had some truly memorable experiences and saw exquisite art, history and architecture.

While there I took over 1,000 pictures on my very first digital camera. This morning I took a mental break and looked through all of them. Here’s a highlight…

This morning’s trip down memory lane was just what I needed to calm the thoughts & re-energize. Time to start a little slush fund & take my butt back to Spain for another memory making trip.


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