The Sum of All Parts

This mom title that I proudly don, comes with its share of responsibilities and many things to-do.  And being the Type-A Social Butterfly that I am, I of course add additional tasks to my ever growing list, to keep life interesting.  Sense the sarcasm?!  I really can’t complain, because I enjoy every minute of the organized chaos.

I may have previously mentioned, how I’m heavily involved in the PTO at my son’s school.  I happen to be the First Vice-President. What does that translate to? I’m a pro bono Event Planner. It’s really the perfect position for me. If there’s a party to be had, I’m the one to plan it for you. I love the process of starting with an idea and it blossoming into a day of fun & laughter. Then there’s the crazy buzz right before the actual event. Everyone running around to create something spectacular It’s totally my thang!

So far this school year, I’ve planned our annual Harvest Festival, the One Stop Holiday Shop, two Family Game Nights and the BIG kahuna… our second annual Tricky Tray, which I named Eat, Play & Tricky Tray.

You may be wondering, what in the world is a Tricky Tray. It seems to be that, if you’re not from Jersey or PA, it’s a totally foreign concept. I had never heard of the term before moving to my area. And have only attended one, just a few weeks back; nevertheless plan one.  GASP! A Tricky Tray event is actually a fundraiser, where guests buy tickets, then place them in a container next to an item they would like to win. A guest can place as many tickets as they want in any given container to increase their odds of winning.  Items, gifts, and prizes are typically organized in gift baskets.

I’ve been totally consumed with planning our Tricky Tray since January, with the exception of a tumultuous few weeks; where our school district prompted to surprise us with the possible closing for our beloved school. I’ll get into that another time. Back to the Big Kahuna. My AH-MAZING committee and I contacted what seemed like a GAZ-illion local and national businesses, requesting donations. Recession and all, we received an impressive amount of donations in forms of gift certificates, event tickets and products. My garage became basket central.

The sum of all parts of my planning and stressing came to fruition this past Saturday.  Eat, Plat & Tricky Tray went off without a hitch. Ok, maybe there were a few hiccups. But hey, I’ll take that considering I had never planned a Tricky Tray before.  We had a fantastic turn-out consisting of die-hard Tricky Tray-ers, parents and community members. We raised funds to use towards field trips, assemblies, classroom supplies and other educational materials. All and all it was spectacular.

In the midst of all this planning, I discovered how much I enjoy fundraising. So, yup you’ve guessed it. I want to dabble in fundraising too. Again, like I don’t have enough on my plate, especially with running a household, working, raising Pollitos and the exciting addition to our family. My feeling is that you only live once and well ya gotta make every moment count & interesting!

So my friends, what have you been up to these days?


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