Entertaining Wreaths {Try that Tuesday}

Yes sir! You read right. I’ve gone ahead and created yet another wreath, in fact two wreaths. I tell you, I just can’t help myself! They are just too cute and generally very easy to assemble. The added plus is they make your home feel welcoming.  Well, the two that I created weren’t for my home. I donated them to the Tricky Tray fundraiser, I planned for Pollito #1’s school.

Now where else do you think I found my inspiration? But Pinterest of course. The first one a Balloon Wreath was shared on one of my favorite blogs, HowDoesShe?com. As soon as I pinned this wreath, I knew I would just HAVE TO recreate it.

Wouldn’t you want to go to a birthday party, where this is hanging on the front door. I sure would!

For my wreath, I went with a girlie theme and picked up 2 packs of hot pink, purple, pink & white balloons (72 count), greening pins and I already had the straw wreath.

I went ahead and added a hot pink and white polka dot ribbon to allow it to hang.  There you have it. My version of the balloon wreath.

The second wreath I mimicked was another Pinterest find, a Cocktail Umbrella Wreath. I went searching high and low for those little parasols. After having no luck at Walmart, Shoprite and the liquor store, it finally dawned on me to check Party City. Sure enough, I popped in and they had tons and tons of cocktail umbrellas. Score!

Armed with my straw wreath and miniature umbrellas, I got to work. This was definitely the easiest wreath I’ve made to date.  I was done in a little less than an hour.  All there was, to it was, sticking the umbrellas into the straw wreath. I kept the wreath covered in it’s plastic, so that the straw wouldn’t get loose and make a mess. I added a yellow satin ribbon with the left over greening pins I had, to hang the wreath.

And VOILA, my darling Cocktail Umbrella wreath. Perfect for a Summer Luau.

These super cute entertaining wreaths caused quite a stir among my PTO mom friends at the Tricky Tray. They’ve requested that I duplicate a few for them. They’re feeding into my addiction. I. Love. It.

Do you have a go-to craft? One that you just can’t get enough of?


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