Rainbow Pancakes

A few weeks ago, the Lil’ Giant requested that I make pancakes on Wacky Wednesday. But between school events and other family obligations, I just couldn’t fit it into our weekly meal plan.  That was until this week.  He was elated, when I announced that breakfast for dinner would materialize on Wednesday. What he didn’t know, was my intention to make Wednesday even more Wackier by serving…

I prepped these COOL and COOKY hotcakes as I regularly would, and just added a few drops of food coloring.

Did you notice my WOW ingredient? I like to add pure vanilla extract into my batter. I know the box says it’s a “complete” mix, just add water. But, me being me, I like to combine the vanilla for added yummi-ness. Oh and that’s another thing, I skip the water & use milk to make my batter.

As I was making these wacky colored pancakes, I was hoping they’d be a hit. No worries after seeing this smile. Lil’ Giant was one happy and full pollito after his serving. SCORE for this mama!

As for Gordita, she was amused by the “awhwange and gein” mini pancakes.

I’m thinking breakfast for dinner will certainly be repeated in our household. Heading over to Pinterest now for some more fun recipes.

What kind of activities have you done for Wacky Wednesday with your kids?


One thought on “Rainbow Pancakes

  1. I’m sure that not only were the pollitos elated, but this is a memory that will stick with them forever! During sleepovers @ my house (many moons ago) my mother use to make us giant pancakes and would set out bowls of “water paint” (water w/ food coloring) and paint brushes and we would “design” our pancakes! She would also lay out bacon and eggs for accessories, since many of us would make pancake faces circa ‘PeeWee Big Adventure’ days. This was such a hit that recently my mother was stopped by one of my brother’s friends, a grown man, and he thanked her for the fun breakfasts. She was so happy! LOL You mom’s are so easy to please! 😉

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