Garage Clean-Up

Since moving into our town home, I’ve had this constant battle with one room in particular. Funny thing, is that it’s technically not a room in my home, it’s more like attached to the house…the Garage.  Being that this is the first home we’ve lived in that has a garage, I tend to wonder where in the world did all this crap stuff come from?!? Have we really managed to accumulate all of these lovely things, in the two and half years we’ve been there? I just don’t get it!

What I do know, is that it’s been driving me absolutely INSANE! Especially, since we go in & out of our house through the garage. Meaning that everyone and anyone, driving or walking by can see the mess.  So, when I read on one of my favorite blogs, I’m an Organizing Junkie, that she was hosting The Great Garage Clean Out Challenge along with a fellow blogger at Momof6, I knew I just had to join in. I mean what better way to get my butt in gear to tackle the beast of my garage, then joining others. Between helpful tips and a sense of accountability, I know I can slay this beast. Plus, I can be nosy & look into other people’s homes. Something I oddly like to do, along with people watching. But I digress.

Alright, are you ready to meet the Beast? Let me warn you, it is not pretty.

That’s the mess head on.  Scary, no?? Just a mish mash of miscellaneous nonsense.

Here you can see how, there’s an itty bitty path leading into our kitchen. I guess at least, we were smart enough to give ourselves some walking room.  Shameful, I tell ya!

No rhyme or reason here. Just baby stuff, next to kiddie stuff.  Sapph, what is a baby tub doing in your garage?  Yes, I talk to myself and often. Plus I respond back.

And here’s the back wall that I have no words for. I’ve tried everything to keep it organized. And well the wall has scoffed at me many times over.  Sad face.

It’s quite ok, Beast. Because with the help of Becky and her organizing PROCESS, I shall tame you and win this battle.


3 thoughts on “Garage Clean-Up

  1. I love those shelves!!! Your garage has a lot of potential. I can’t wait to see your progress!!


    • Thanks! I can’t wait to see the finished product myself. Too bad we can’t all twitch our noses & our garages are miraculously complete & looking amazing. Since that’s not happening, time to get to work.

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