Missing the Run

It’s here! It’s here!

Run for the Red Marathon, it’s this Sunday.

And I’m gonna miss it.  So so totally bummed about it. I really am. I had expected to run it again this year, but well life threw me a curve-ball, hasn’t it?!  Said curve-ball is due in August.

About 2 years ago, I took up running. Prior to that, any running I did was because I absolutely had to, either as a part of a sport or cardio training on a treadmill. It wasn’t my preferred method of workin’ it. But that all changed, when I joined the First Strides Program, offered in my area. First Strides is a great walk / run workshop, geared towards women of all ages. The program ran for 12 weeks and during that time, I went from being able to run for about a minute to completing my very first 5k. I also happened to gain a passion for running & meet some very nice women.

Moí following the first 5k I completed…Pocono Family YMCA 5K.

That passion led me to train for the Run for the Red Half-Marathon Relay Race.  Plus I lucked out again, by pairing up with a group formed by the local running store, Aardvark Sports Shop. We began training in early February. Our first day out the thermometer read 2 degrees at 6:30 a.m. Yes, 2 itty bitty degrees.  I was already petrified that I couldn’t finish a 6 mile run, let alone contend with the freezing temperatures. I hung back with a friend I met at First Strides, and completed the 6 miles. A tad frost bitten. Ok, how about more frosty than I would’ve liked.

But by completing that initial run, it was made very clear to me, that I was stronger than I gave myself credit for and that I could certainly train and complete the half-marathon.

Week after week of running I felt stronger. The last few inches of reminiscent baby fat disappeared. I found a friend in the pavement. My thoughts came freely & many times I worked through problems I was having, while out running.  I had some pretty crappy days out there too. I came close to throwing the towel in, but the high I felt when I completed my first 5K, pushed me along. I wanted to feel that sense of accomplishment again. And I did!

Here’s our training crew pre-race.  From left to right…Me, Katya, Darlene, Jody, Barb & Rick.  They were an awesome group to train and run with.

Almost at the finish line with Darlene. Just about 2 miles away & it’s VICTORY!

Never in a million years, would I have thought that I would run a race.  And enjoy it at that. But I did! For this year, I had every intention to up the challenge and run the full marathon. I guess so much for that. Instead I’ll be volunteering at the race. Help the runners going & cheer them on.

Good Luck Runners. You’ve all worked so hard. GO GET IT!!

I’ll meet you at the starting line next year. Watch out!


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