Hello Monday

Buenos días my friends. I’ve been a bit MIA. Last week was just one of those weeks. Busy load at work, late nights at home working on our extremely long to-do list, plus the usual day-to-day activities. My time management skills seemed to have gone out the window last week.  Anyhoo, I expect this week to be a much better one.

So let’s get this bad boy going & greet this Monday with some tenacity and purpose.

Hello to the Last Day of School.  WOOT WOOT! First grade will be a thing of the past come Tuesday.  Second grade here we come & I just can’t believe it. Time is just flying waaaaay too quickly. My first born is growing into this intelligent, think-out-the-box, sweet gentlemen, making me one PROUD mama!

Hello to the Angst in my stomach. There’s been a looming cloud sitting over my town since January and today we shall find out where that cloud is headed. Our school district has been contending with a $10 million dollar budget deficit. Daunting number isn’t it?! In an attempt to close the gap, our school board has basically pitted two elementary schools against each other, by proposing the closure of one of them. Hear the bitterness? One of those school’s is Lil Giant’s, JM Hill Elementary School, which happens to be the epitome of a neighborhood school, where the teachers know practically every student, the students know each other, so many of the kiddies walk to school. I’ve grown to love this little school and have devoted much of my time to it.  So today is it! The school board is holding a meeting this evening to vote, as to which school they will close.  Naturally, I’m rooting for JM Hill to stay open, and yet feel so guilty knowing that if we do, 377 students from the other school will be affected and reassigned to other elementary schools. UGH!! Such a frustrating scenario, which I’m afraid will continue to negatively impact our town for the next few years.

Hello to one BUSY month….June! I may need a month vacation, after surviving you. Between birthday parties, planning our annual BBQ & a Baby Sprinkle, completing a large tutu order, crafting, Little League and everything else between it is going to be nutso. Who am I kidding, I love to be busy. So bring it on!!

Hello Nutella. You have officially become my first pregnancy craving EV-AH! I now want to spread this deliciousness on everything & I really mean everything. Good thing I only have a few more weeks to go, because, my nutella weakness is bound to catch up to me in the way of a extra unneeded pounds.

How about you? Are you saying Hello to anything interesting this week? Let me know.

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