Hello Monday

Hello to yet another Monday. I’m thinking I may need more than just one cupcake though. GASP!!

I have high hopes that this week will bring back normalcy and good health to my home, which will allow me to get back to blogging.  The Pollitos have been under the weather for a good 2 weeks now & last week was the pinnacle of sickness. Ear infections, throat infections, post nasal drip are not on the top of my FUN list. Let alone the side effects of the antibiotics.  My washer and dryer have gotten quite a work out, as a result of the aftermath.

My sleepy, sickie babies.

Hello to the First full week of Summer for the Lil’ Giant. He came home with a spectacular report card last week & earned himself  a new Wii game. Go Little Guy!!

Hello to another year at the Lil Giant’s school. The verdict came in last week and we will be OPEN another year. WOOT WOOT!! The teachers in our school district agreed to take a pay freeze for a year, in order to keep both schools that were on the chopping block open.  Thank you, Thank you to those altruistic teachers.

Hello to 30 weeks of Prego-hood. I’m in the home stretch and the belly is also stretching. Mr. Man has been wiggling away. He’s totally running out of space and we have weeks to go. OY VEY! What am I gonna do?

What are you saying Hello to this week?  Linking up to the lovely Miss Lisa.


Thank you for your comment. I read and appreciate each one!

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