Kitchen Transformation

For sometime now I’ve been eluding to this ENORMOUS to do list, that the hubs and I have been working on. I’m happy to report that it is dwindling and that I’ve finally finagled some time to put aside to get to blogging, kinda. To you Pro-Bloggers: how in the world do you get it all done? Between the projects, the photos, the actual posts…sheesh BIG UPS to you all for getting it done & having posts ready to go in your arsenal. I tell ya, one day, one day real soon I’ll get there. But, I digress, as usual.

Our list of re-do’s began with my fantastical idea for the kids’ rooms (which we’ll get to eventually), since we have baby boy to fit into the picture now. So from there the list just grew.  We decided to tackle our main floor first and with that the hunt for the right color paint began.  We narrowed it down to Benjamin Moore’s Rockport Gray. Originally, we were going to keep our main floor all one color since its an open floor plan. But changed our mind and really went for it by going dark in the kitchen with Benjamin Moore’s Hale Navy.

I was pretty nervous at first to go sooooo dark in the kitchen. You know, you think of the kitchen and you think yellows, maybe pastelies (yes, I know that’s not a real word, but in my vocab it is), or even red.  But navy, not so much. To convince myself, I went so far to search Pinterest for navy kitchens and came across some interesting finds. I had to throw caution to wind & jump in and I’m so glad we did.

Here’s the before…kinda bland & monotone.  Sorta reminds me of granola.

And here we have the sleekness of Hale Navy.  Kindly ignore the messies, please!

I just love how the cabinets POP, as compared to before, the honey cabinets and neutral walls just kinda blended into each other. Now the kitchen has spunk & personality.  I don’t know what I was so afraid of, cause I am really really really LOVIN’ IT!

Feeling all ballsy & needing a new color for the 3 bar stools, we previously picked up at a local indoor flea market for roughly $60, I went color happy and chose Apple Green. This time around, it was the hubs that was feeling apprehensive about the color choice.  He just couldn’t see my vision.

After it was all said and done, he admitted that my vision was right on the money.  And here it is the Navy Kitchen and Apple Green Stools. Not too shabby, huh?

I wonder if there’s such a thing as serendipity for colors? Because, I already had a decorative piece in my kitchen donning that fun Apple Green color. Did you catch it in the first pic? Well check it out below.

How funny is that?

We still have a few additional things to get done. You know the details, that’ll bring everything together. I can’t wait to see it all completed. There’s already such a difference, just with the fun colors.  

Kitchen To-Dos:

  • Paint
  • Repaint stools
  • Command Center
  • Menu Chalkboard
  • Fridge Frames
  • Spray paint Fork & Spoon
  • Buen Provecho sign

How about you my friends, what are your feelings on loud, shocking, unexpected paint colors? Do you stray away from them or are you all for them?


Thank you for your comment. I read and appreciate each one!

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