Baby Bauble

Ok, folks ladies I need some help in the Push Present Department.  Here I am weeks away from popping out my third baby & I’ve never really asked my hubby for a baby bauble or push present.  It just never really dawned on me with the other pregnancies. My babies were my presents. You know.

But being that these babies seem to be getting progressively bigger.  Ryan was 8lbs 10oz and 10 days late, while Ms. Ravyn was 9lbs 14ozs, and I opted for no pain meds for either.  So now I feel inclined, almost entitled to a gift.  And not that this lil guy won’t be a gift or miracle. But nevertheless, I’m stomping my feet and demanding a gift. No need for the either, the hubs is pretty generous.

So here’s where I need your help. What should I ask for?

The first thing that came to mind, believe it or not was a Silhouette Cameo.  What can I say, I’m a crafting addict. Speaking of crafting, I’m so looking forward to the new show on TLC Crafting Wars, which premiers tonight. I digress. How typical of me.  But seriously, I’m thinking I may get a chance to work on some really cool projects with the Cameo.


Then I thought about the Ironman Duallie Stroller by BOB.


Technically, Gordita and her baby brother will be the ones to benefit from this stroller. But, I’m dying to get back to running. Every time, I see someone running, I get this pang of jealousy. Weird, I know. So, I guess in essence the stroller is for me too.  I can take my babies out, while the Lil Giant is in school and get my pavement time in. Plus it’s such a sleek stroller. My friends will tell you my obsession with high end strollers. I’m guilty of spending an obscene amount of dough on swanky strollers for my kiddos.

A pair of Louboutin’s also came to mind. Like these


or these


or even these.


Hmmm, maybe I should go with the usual. Some bling. I have been wanting a personalized Pandora bracelet for some time now.


What to ask for, what to ask for?!? Opinions? Ideas?

So gals, did you ask for or receive a Baby Bauble from your Beau?


4 thoughts on “Baby Bauble

  1. I would say get something to last you a lifetime. Something that can be an heirloom piece and you wear everyday, to lift your spirit just a little when your feeling blah. For me that’s jewelry 😉 I like the idea of the Pandora bracelet bc you can personalize it with charms representing you and your family. Either way, you’ve put a lot of thought into this and they’re all great choices! Congrats and XO, Vilma

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