Hola Lunes {Hello Monday}

Hello Monday! Hello to a New Week! Hello to Summer Fun!

Hello to Tutus.  My tutu-muse has finally given in to the fun & frilly and wants to rock my creations.  Doesn’t she look Tutu-FAB-u-LOUS?!?  She made me one happy mama, when she finally decided to cooperate with me & wear a tutu.

Hello to Drive-In Movies.  We’re making a bit of a dent into our Summer Bucket List. And last week, we visited our favorite drive-in, Becky’s Drive-In Theatre.  It’s always great fun to pack up yummy snacks, a ton of blankets & pillows jump into the back of the truck & watch a few flicks. We caught Amazing Spiderman & MIB III.

Hello to a HUGE belly at the 34 week mark.  It’s ok, say it….WHOA!!! We do! At this rate, the hubs will be able to just roll me around.

Hello Chocolate Ice Cream with Chocolate Sprinkles.  Oh and Hello to Oreo Milk Shakes. No explanation necessary. NOM, NOM, NOM!

I’m totally giving pregos a bad name here, by desiring ice cream so.  Sorry girls! Just can’t help myself.  Ice Cream just makes me smile, these days.


Hello to My NEW Followers. Bienvenidos!  Do stick around. I promise to keep it interesting.

Have a great week friends!

Linking up to the Lovely Miss Lisa.

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