The Barren Potty

Potty Training Frustration

This morning I awoke with a mission – to Potty Train la Gordita.  I was beyond excited to get the process underway & ditch those pesky diapers.  Well let me tell you, that Little Miss had other plans.

I’m totally not feeling the idea of having two kiddos in diapers.  Can we say ouch on the wallet.  And the reality is that Gordita is quite aware of her bodily functions.  She has no problem giving us a blow-by-blow play of her pamper doings. So with that being said, potty training is only logical and a must in my book.

For the last few weeks, I’ve been collecting intell via Pinterest.  I came across a ton of fantastic suggestions and ideas. I was feeling confident going into it. Many of the articles I read, suggested that to have a ton of snacks, drinks & prizes on hand, which I did.

After sending the boys out for the day, Gordita and I hunkered down to get down to “dirty” business.

When I tell you I pumped juice, after snack, after water or chocolate milk, after more snacks & anything else I could get into her, I did.   Then came the nagging.  Every fifteen minutes, I had to get her on the potty.  Not an easy feat.  I nearly cried a few times. Who am I kidding, I did!

To make a long day story short, after all the back & forth, she finally managed to empty her bladder on my floor more times than I’d like to admit. And on top of that she really doesn’t like / want to sit on the little or big potty.

What is a mama to do? Besides pull her hair out?  I know I should be thinking… you’ve tackled tougher goals than this one,  Sapphire, you can do this!  But deep down inside (and don’t tell anyone) I wanna throw in the towel. Yup, one day into this potty training stint and I want to quit.  I’m hoping to find some resolve overnight.

Wish us luck tomorrow!


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