Hello Monday

Can it be Monday already?

Weekend where did you go? I truly could have used more time to put a serious dent into our never ending to-do list.  Ain’t that the case every weekend, though!

Anyhoo, moving right along it’s time to get this week underway.  With that beings said, Hello Monday!

Hello to the ridiculous nerves consuming me.  Tomorrow is our big follow-up appointment at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, where we’ll find out the fate of lil guy’s heart.  Good thing the appointment is earlier in the week and earlier in the day. Because this anticipation is just killing me.  It almost feels like life is on hold, at least until we know the outcome of tomorrow’s tests.  If all is good we wait till he makes his grand entrance.  And I tell you it couldn’t come sooner.  But if he’s expected to require surgery, we’ll have to implement Plan B, which requires some serious work and strength.  I really can’t even fathom any of that.

In keeping a positive vibe….

Hello to the end of a great season of T-ball.  The Lil’ Giant proved to us that he truly loves the game of Baseball and is ready for instructional ball. So Fall Ball here we come.

Hello to a Swimming Baby.  She’s got it!  She absolutely loves the pool & looks forward to jumping in all day, every day. She’s made me one proud mama.

Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming.

Hello to a fixed camera and to photographs I thought I lost.  I dropped my mommy cam sometime ago, like almost 2 years ago.  EEK!! Well I thought I broke it, but good thing for our local photography shop.  The camera was fine and they were able to retrieve the photos.  256 photos to be exact. I was so happy to my babies lil faces.

Hello to my FIRST ever product review and giveaway.  Come back on Sunday to catch it all. Should be fun!

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