Hello Monday {Smiles & New Beginnings}

Hey Friends!  It’s Monday & you know what that means. It’s time to link up to the Lovely Lisa & say a few Hellos.

Today is the first Monday in sometime that I’m genuinely HAPPY.  For good reason of course.  Baby boy made it home late last week.  He was released from the hospital with a clean bill of health.  He’ll have several follow-up appointments and echo-cardiograms, but all and all, he’s expected to continue on a healthy path.

We surprised the Pollitos with our arrival.  They were ecstatic to see us and welcomed their brother home with open arms.  While they were screeching from delight, a wave of peace came over me.  Never in my 33 years, had I ever felt, what I would describe as wholeness.  I hadn’t even realized that “something” was missing until that moment.  Seeing their three little faces together made everything right in the world.  I have been BLESSED to have been chosen to guide & cultivate these amazing Pollitos.

Onto this week’s HELLOs…

Hello Second Grade!  The Lil’ Giant started school today.  This past summer just flew right by. Now here we are, the last week of August & Ryan is embarking on another school year.  Go Buddy!

Cute sign, right? Well what you can see of it.  I hadn’t realized I was running low on ink.  But anyhoo, one of the blogs I happen to adore. I Heart Naptime shared these adorable free Back to School printables.

Hello roller skates.  Gordita was elated when we came home with her first pair of roller skates & helmet.  She can’t seem to get enough of them.

On the topic of Ravyn, I’m convinced she grew in the week that we were apart.  It’s like she shot up over night.  Funny how that happens.

Hello to some sibling bonding over Saturday morning cartoons.  Check Rhys out, winking at me.

Hello to newborn smushiness, newborn smell, newborn smiles and everything else that comes with a new baby.  I can stare at this little face for hours at end.  Just studying it. Figuring out where each feature originates from.  Like the ginger hair, button nose, etc.  I’m in love!

Hello to Mami’s arrival.  My mom gets in today. She’ll drive me insane during her time here, but I’m really looking forward in seeing her & having her spend some time with her grand babies.

Hello to being the Mama of THREE Pollitos.  I’m in for it!  Time to grow another arm and possibly looking into surgical implantation of eyes in the back of my head.

So, what are you saying HELLO to this week?  Do Share.


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