Hello Monday {Sniffles & Slow Cooker Meals)


Alright, so it’s already Monday.  But my sentiments exactly.  Today’s a rough one, after last night’s sleep or lack there of.  Thanks to a very congested infant.  My poor meatball is as congested as the old Pollitos. Off to the pediatrician we go.

Today we are saying Hello to the Sniffles.  Me included, which is very rare.  So in fact we’re saying Hello to medicine, so we can say goodbye to these sniffles.

Hello to my morning snuggle bugs.  Big sister Gordita loves to hug & squeeze “her” baby.

Hello Slow Cooker. It’s that time of year, when I whip you out & get to cookin’ some hearty delicious meals.  Pot roast & Chili are up on the menu this week.  And I may even try one of the slow cooker desert recipes I pinned on Pinterest.

Hello unfinished projects.  My big goal of the week is to tie up all lose ends.  That’ll probably keep me quite busy.

What are you saying Hello to this week?

Linking up to the Lovely Lisa.

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