Color Shaving Cream Paint

Who says that a bathtub is only for bath time?  Not I, that’s who.

Gordita has been getting into her share of trouble as of late. Just yesterday, she poured water on my laptop.  Lucky for her & I, the laptop is fine.  Can you say crisis averted.  Anyhoo, my feeling is that she’s getting bored with our usual day-to-day activities, i.e. coloring, playing tea party & such.  So, what’s this sleep deprived mama to do but peruse Pinterest, of course.

I came across some terrific pins all about keeping your toddler busy playing.  Oh. Happy. Day.  One pin in particular piqued my interest & talked to my wallet.  Crystal over at Growing a Jeweled Rose shared an AMAZING post, about the 100 things you can purchase at Dollar Tree to play with.  Since I’m forever going to the Dollar Tree, I high tailed it over there & scooped up some fun finds.

This morning after Gordita’s attempt at breakfast… a nutrigrain bar & chocolate milk, we’re also going through a “I don’t want to eat, mommy” phase.  But I digress.  So after “breakfast”, I surprised Gordita with Colored Shaving Cream.

I popped her into the tub with a paint brush and she wasted no time to create.

Forty minutes later, I declared the bathtub the perfect painting canvas.  And the Gordita was elated, because afterwards it was bath time.  Tack on another twenty minutes & we played a good portion of the morning away.  YAY!!  Tomorrow, I think we’ll try painting with colored bubbles in a bubble bath or maybe these cool slime baskets.

Thanks Crystal for your awesome list, Gordita and I are sure to keep busy.

What fun activities do you partake in with your kiddos?


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