Diapering Dilemma

Mommy readers this post is for you.

I’ve been a mom for the last seven years, two months and some odd number of days and minutes.  And in that time, I have changed an unimaginable amount of diapers, oh and pull-ups.  Changing a diaper is probably considered to be the epitome of mothering.  However, diaper duty is just that… doodie. Pun totally intended.

Anyhoo, just this past Saturday during Gordita’s dance class, Baby Boy a/k/a Super Pooper did just that…. a SUPER POOP! What’s a mama to do in a situation like that? Hit up the bathroom to change his diaper, of course.  Except that this itty bitty lavatory isn’t fitted with a changing station.  Hmmm, now really what’s a mama to do?  Luckily for me, if you want to call it that, I’ve been in this situation before.

Rewind back about 6 1/2 years ago, when the Lil Giant wasn’t so giant.  He and I went to my then coworker’s daughter’s birthday party.  It was held at a community center & guess what the bathroom didn’t have a changing station either.  And to top it all off, the sink area was tiny & I mean tiny.  I totally freaked!  Where was I going to change him?  I couldn’t possibly change him on the dirty floor, even with a changing pad.  Until another coworker came into the ladies room & saved the day with her suggestion.  She told me to change him on my lap.  HUH??? Really, she couldn’t be serious.  Right?!?! But yes she was. She told me to use my legs as the changing table.  Now, why hadn’t I thought about that?  Oh yeah, because this first time mommy assumed every where I went there would be a changing station.  Or something like that. Moving right along.

Next thing I know, I’m sitting on one of the bowls (with my pants on of course, in case you were wondering – HA), laid down the changing pad on my lap, all while holding the Lil Giant with one arm.  Can you just picture this all?  The balancing act.  Down he went onto my lap. Oh and mind you he was about 9 months & even then there really wasn’t anything little about him.  Ok, so there he is perched on my lap, legs up; I’m trying to balance his chubbiness, wipes in one hand and a clean diaper tucked under my chin.  Well I managed it all.  Clean booty and new diaper.  GO ME!! I just overcame another mommy obstacle.

Back to present day and here I am in that itty bitty bathroom at Gordita’s dance school and in no time, I had Super Pooper’s diaper changed.  There was no stressing on my part.  I just got it done and like a pro.

This latest diaper debacle got me thinking about my evolution as a mom & most importantly my confidence level.  Not long ago, I would’ve freaked because of this dilemma.  Oh wait, I did.  Now, I take it in stride and keep it moving.  I can’t even tell you how many times, I’ve had to pull over on the side of the road to change a diaper, clean up (my favorite) vomit or other bodily secretions.  You get my point.  Again, these are things I brush off my shoulders & carry on.  Public diaper changes aren’t the only situations that I’ve become unfazed about.  Take public breastfeeding or toddler tantrums, they’re no sweat these days. The latter is certainly not a favorite, but I deal.

How about you, have you found yourself in any odd or funny diapering situations? How do you feel you evolved as a mom?


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