Hello Monday, Hello Holidays

Yes, it has been some time since you’ve heard from me.  I’ve been on hiatus for several reasons.  The biggest and most important reason….Gordita.  Since our temporary relocation to Philly for the birth of Baby Boy, she became the epitome of Terrible Two’s.  Then by the time we got home, she wasn’t the baby anymore, but the big sis and seemed to have been yearning more attention and with reason.  With her need & my lack of words so to speak, I decided a break from blogging would be a good thing.  Her and I have been crafting & playing a whole lot.  Just having lots of fun mommy and daughter time.  It’s been great.  She’s still her crazy, not-as-terrible two year old self and I’ve once again found words & ideas to share.  So here I am!

And I’m gonna start the week right with a few Hellos….

Hello to the Holiday Season.  I’m really looking forward to you, this year.


Hello to my new treadmill.  I’m ready to spend some time with you this week.  Thanksgiving dinner wasn’t very nice to my waistline, but it was soooooooooo good and worth it.

Hello to the newest member of our family, Gumball Butterscotch.  She arrived this past Saturday and the Pollitos are excited to have her.  But in all reality, I think I’m most excited about this new family tradition.  I have a ton of ideas for her. Let’s see what she gets herself into. {Maniacal Laugh}

Hello glue gun, epsom salt, paint, modge podge & other crafty items.  Tonight marks the first meeting for a group I started called, Poconos Pinterest Peeps.  If you guessed that, we’re going to be crafting, you’re right.  I can’t wait to tell you more about it tomorrow.

Hello to a Trip down Memory Lane.  I’ll be heading to my elementary school later on in the week for a ceremony to open up a time capsule, which we buried some twenty years ago.  There I go aging myself.

Hello Family Game Night at the Lil Giant’s School.

Quite a busy week for us.  Bring it on.  I’m ready to take on the world (the result of a few cups of coffee…teehee).  How about you my fine friends, what are you saying Hello to?

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