A Father’s Project {Rhys’s Rhyme: Ode to Hearts}

I’m back!  I hadn’t expected to be gone for so long. Actually, I hadn’t expected to return today either.  I’ve been planning my return, working on some fun new things to share.  But at this moment I just can’t contain myself.  In fact, I want to climb to the highest rooftop and announce to the world, how enamored I am of my husband.  For today he’s made me love him that much more.

Rewind a few months back, when The Hubz sat me down and read a poem.  In truth it was an ode, and Ode to Lil Red.  He brought me to tears.  He spoke of our son’s journey into this crazy world, and how Lil Red overcame what defined the beginning of his existence.  He went on to share his vision with me.  How he intended to turn his words into a book.  Of course, I loved his concept.

So, for the past month The Hubz has poured his heart and soul into this project.  He’s worked on it day in and day out.  He found himself an illustrator and expanded the story line.  He put the finishing touches on the book just this morning.

Folks, I am absolutely over the moon to announce that my wonderful husband published his first book:  Rhys’s Rhyme: Ode to Hearts  The book is available in hard and soft cover on Blurb.com and as an E-book on Blurb and Lulu.com.

Rhys's Rhyme: Ode to Hearts

Rhys’s Rhyme is the composition of a father’s love and the fortitude and moxie of a mighty little redheaded baby boy.  It proves that courage can manifest itself in the smallest of packages.

To say that I am proud of my hubby is an understatement.  His devotion to his children is ever more apparent, in his beautiful creation.  Robert you’ve gotten me positively verklempt.  I love you today, tomorrow and always.


Update & Correction (4/1/2013):

The book is available on Blurb.com either in soft cover for $17.99 or as an e-book for iPhone & iPad for $7.99.  See links below:



It’s also available on Lulu.com as an e-book for $7.99.  This version requires ePub Reader.



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