Hello Spring Monday

Hey friends! How’s it going?  It is absolutely beautiful here in the Poconos. I’m totally enjoying the weather.  The whole week is going to be GORG!!  Perfect timing, because I was sooooo through with Winter.

Well it’s Monday and you know what the means.  Time to say HELLO!!

Hello running kicks.  I was able to get out for a few runs this past weekend. And I will certainly be logging in some miles during this “heat wave.”

Hello sleep deprivation. UGH!!  Lil Red had a really bad night last night, which means so did this mama.  I hope tonight is better.

Hello recital tickets.  Tickets for Gordita’s very first dance recital went on sale yesterday.  I scooped up ours.  I’m absolutely stoked to see my Mini-Me on the stage doing her thing.

dance tixxs

Hello oatmeal containers, which I took from drab to FAB!  I made two sweet headband holders for my mother-in-law’s best friend’s granddaughter.  Did you catch that one? 😉  I used scrap book paper for these, along with ribbon and jeweled embellishments.  I especially love the purple cheetah one, it has personality.

headband holder

Hello Thank you cards.  I found one on my desk this morning, which brightened my day even further.  Sometimes its the smallest of gestures that leave lasting impressions.

thank you card

Hello BBQ grill.  I’m sending the Hubz onto the deck for some grilling.  Cause this gal right here is a bit of a chicken, when it comes to the grill.  My previously singed arm hair agrees with me.  Anyhoo, I’m gonna have him throw down some chicken, tilapia and veggies for the week.  YUMZ!!!

So, let’s get this week rolling, amigos! Linking up to the Lovely Lisa.



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