The Happiest of Days


Today is a HAPPY day!  The sun is shining beautifully.  The birds are chirping blissfully.  It’s the perfect day to celebrate life.

In fact today, I’m celebrating my Bestie, my Other-Other half, Sister from another Mister, Ride or Die, Comai and Hermana’s Life.  Now this gal right here, is definitely a keeper.  For she always listens, rarely judges, totally supports you.  She’s an amazing mother, thoughtful sister, cool titi and fantastic madrina.  I’ve been very blessed to have her by my side for the last thirteen years.  The pollitos lucked out in scoring her as a titi.  She knows just how to spoil and discipline at the same time.

Happy Birthday Krystal!  I wish you nothing but happiness, prosperity and good health today and always.  You truly deserve the world.  Thanks for always being there for me.  I can only hope I’m as good a friend as you are to me.  I love you chica!!


And to reiterate that the miles between us is in the best interest of others.  Insert Maniacal Laugh. 😉


Rounding out the TERRIFIC-NESS of this day, was the addition of a sweet little boy, my nephew to this world 3 years ago.  Happy Birthday Christian!  Padrino, the pollitos and I wish you fun-filled day.


I love celebrating my favorite people.



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