Hello New Week

Like HELLO Monday!! I am totally welcoming you today.  In fact I need a new week.

Hello New Week & Sunny Skies.  I was sick over the weekend. Straight up laid out on my rear kind of sick.  No fun at all.  I’m feeling better & ready to be germ free.

Hello Northern Lights.  Did anyone in the Northeast get to see them?  I was bummed that I struggled to keep my eyes opened & saw nothing.

Hello Rhubarb.  I was at the market yesterday picking up a few things & came across some rhubarb.  It intrigued me, so I tossed it into my cart.  I’ve never had it before, never mind cooked with it.  Do you even cook it?  You know who’s gonna come to my rescue right? Pinterest of course!!  Keep ya posted on what I make.

Hello Ideas! I have lots of great ideas swimming around this brain of mine.  Time to start working on them.  I look forward in sharing.

Hello Pumpkin Pancakes.  The Hubz, Lil Giant & my brother took a Baseball road trip out to Pittsburgh for the weekend.  They went for Opening Day at PNC Park.  Lil Giant is a huge Pirates fan.  On Sunday they stopped at Dor-Stop Restaurant for breakfast.  Now let me tell you this place has the most AHH-MAZING pumpkin pancakes EVER!!  You don’t even need syrup with them, that’s how fluffy, tasty & plain ole’ delicious they are.  OMG I’m drooling just typing.  We had previously visited back in 2011 and I’ve been raving about these pancakes since.  In fact this little restaurant has been featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.  And if Guy says something is good…it’s GOOD!!  Well, The Hubz brought me back an order.  Needless to say that he scored major brownie points & that I was the happiest of campers.  Don’t you just love good food?!


Hello Chubbz!  This cute critter is 8 months old today.  I just can’t believe how quickly it’s happened.  Lil Red has captured the hearts of the entire family.  He’s so darn cuddly and squeezable that we all want a piece of him.

Alrighty then, let’s get this week going!  Have a beautiful one my friends.

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