Boston Marathon: Senseless Violence

As many others, I was stunned by the events at yesterday’s Boston marathon.  It’s been difficult to grasp the utter and complete senselessness of it all.  The total disregard for life.  How anyone could find it acceptable to turn such a highly regarded sporting event into a nightmare.

Similar to the NYC Marathon, the Boston Marathon has a pulse of its own.  It’s this amazing event, where thousands of people from all walks of lives, push themselves to the physical test of running 26.2 miles.  An extraordinary feat.

 Since making running my sport, I have learned and recognized that the running community has a beautiful spirit.  When I began training for my first half marathon, I was quickly welcomed into the fold.  There’s this connection between runners that I can only explain as, an understanding and appreciation for the time we spend pounding the pavement & our personal accomplishments of endurance & love for the sport.

So, when my best friend broke the news to me about the bombings, I was overwhelmed with anguish.  Anguish for the runners who trained so hard & didn’t get their well-deserved glory.  Anguish for those who lost their lives.  Anguish for the injured.  Anguish for the families involved.  Anguish for Boston.  It absolutely saddened my soul.

But even in that moment of despair, we heard of greatness among first responders, volunteers, spectators & even marathoners.  A time for redemption.  Proof that there is plenty of good left in humanity.  And that when we are faced with adversity, we understand the need to ban together and challenge those with malicious hearts.

I leave you with this poignant quote from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

mlk light dark qoute



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