Hello Happy Monday

Morning Friends!  How was everyone’s weekend? Mine was pretty good.  I was able to check off  plenty of items on my Never-Ending-To-Do List.

I hope you’re ready for new week.  I surely am.  So let’s link up to the Lovely Lisa & say some HELLOs.

Hello Earth Day!  Celebrating Mother Nature is a good thing.  Over the weekend, the Pollitos and I made it a point to pick up trash anywhere we saw it.  I’m thinking we’re gonna work on a bottled water craft today.

Hello Blooming Buds.  The trees are finally blooming. YAY!!  Can’t wait to see green everywhere in place of grey and brown.

Hello Spring Dresses.  I swapped out my closet over the weekend. Tucked away all the chunky sweaters and pulled out my pretty flowy Spring dresses.  I’m looking forward in wearing them.  Now it’s just time to go sandal shopping.  Love that thought!


Hello Cheesy Faces.  These two funny critters made this mama laugh hysterically yesterday with their renditions of silly faces.  I was only able to catch this one, since I was driving.  Laughing is not an easy emotion to pull off while driving, I tell ya.

Hello Achy Muscles.  I stumbled upon Cassie Ho & the Awesomeness that is Blogilates. And I’m in serious lust with her rockin’ fitness videos. My body NOT SO much! Between my abs, glutes, obliques & arms, I don’t know which ones ache more.  They’ll just have to get over it.  I have a bikini to wear come Summer.  Determined!

Hello Weekend! Can you get here a bit quicker? Like PUH-LEEZ!  My bestie is coming down for a visit.  The kids & I can’t wait to see her & my nephew.  We’re all in need of some quality time.

Seems like it’s gonna be a mellow week.  I do have some fun things in store for you:  a yummy recipe; a bit about clean eating & The Great Pinterest Affair is back.  Make sure to check in.  Have a Spectacular week Amigos!



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